Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I am a huge fan of snail mail, the anticipation and excitement of waiting for a letter or parcel is such a buzz...Hence why I could be seen peeking out from the curtains all this week just waiting for a special delivery; and its finally here! My beautiful French Carafe Set from by Royal VKB. (made in France =Trés fancy pants!)
Take a look at the shots I snapped yesterday, can't you just imagine this 'centre table' at a summer BBQ? or full of nice winter wine at a dinner party? I can! and am looking forward to any excuse to bring it out.
And the best part? the 4 glasses that come with are all stackable within the neck so it will only take one hand to tote this bit of fancy around the next soirée! leaving the other hand free to do whatever a party host should do. (Suggestions include: waving, high-five-ing, blowing obnoixious air kisses, thumbs up or peace signs)
Jealous?...well luckily you can buy your very own on Buyster, here, for just $41!

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