Monday, June 28, 2010


So Sunday was my maiden voyage into the world of Finders Keepers and boy was it busy! The 2 studios and balcony were a constant throng of curious browsers and eager shoppers all jostling for the best spots in front of the stall tables. I did in fact lose my friends straight away but with so much to look at I didn't mind getting lost for a while! Mondocherry was one of the first sellers I gravitated towards and loved all their 3d paper-art and framed buttons. Almond Tree Frames was another great set-up with paper-art, and if you have a look at their site be sure to check out their Alice in Wonderland range. My first, of only 2 purchases, came from Bespoke Letterpress Boutique. However as it is a gift I can't share it here incase it spoils the surprise! needless to say it is a beautiful example of letterpress. Udessi's sculptures and animal prints next caught my eye before my final buy, a creamy ceramic magnet from paper boat press. Handmade right here in Brisbane it reads "follow your bliss" (buy a similar one here) My last stop was the jewellery at Pigeonhole, where I fell in love with some of the delicate silver pieces and I am looking forward to having a better look around their webstore soon!
Half way through we needed to take some time out for nourishment and the reclaiming of a little personal space. I shared some pizza and a little banana bread cross legged on a grassy patch in front of the band's stage and luckily made it back inside before the rain started. All in all it was a good day with good food, good company and plenty of creative inspiration!

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