Thursday, May 13, 2010


Manhattan born Carter Smith has been a busy boy in the past 2 decades. Aside from fashion and celebrity photography , he has also directed music video clips, TV and Movies and shot content for numerous magazines, CD and DVD covers (Metroflix) His work is sometimes very gritty, but I find I best like the Fashion/editorial work he does where things are more relaxed and soft. ADORE this first photo of Julia Stegner, I can just smell the crisp morning air and feel that Vitamin D soaking in...gorgeous!

Julia Stegner (via Lace & Tea)

Reece Witherspoon (from here)

Lily Cole (via Trendnista)

Jessica Alba in US Elle March 09 (here)

Erin Wasson (via Lace & Tea)

Anja Rubik (here)

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