Monday, May 24, 2010


Check out these eye candy breakfast bars. This past weekend the boyfriend and I helped some very good friends move into their new house (which is super gorgeous and envy inspiring!). Their new kitchen has a great set of serving windows through to the lounge room, that I thought would be a perfect excuse for a breakfast bar! (yes I am allowed to live vicariously through them) Growing up we had one and they are perfect if you're a little short on space or just love breakfast like me (hah it is the most important meal of the day after all). Plus it is added seating and always a great space to stay and chat while -if you are lucky- someone else cooks :)
So yesterday I did a little "window" shopping and remembered that I was recently introduced to the world of its an online Aussie company based in Sydney and they have a huge range! everything from rugs, toasters and lighting, to pots & pans and bar stools (the most integral part to any good breakfast nook so I got a little distracted). The site is easy to use and affordable, and its a great place to visit if you're sprucing up your home or even starting from scratch. Here's the link to Buyster's Melbourne bar stools section where there are more seating options than I thought possible, providing the perfect way to start building that breakfast nook!

(all 3 breakfast bar pics from Ideal Home Magazine)

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Molly said...

Hey Miss Jen, somewhat un-related but thought you'd love these too! Have convinced sir Nicolas that I NEED one of these beautiful things - had a look at a modern one (rare in Aus)... so in love xx

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