Monday, July 5, 2010


Ever since my trip to Apples on Ainsworth last week, I have been on the hunt for an Apothecary style anything! "Apothecary is a historical name for a medical professional who formulates and dispenses materia medica to physicians, surgeons and patients - a role now served by a pharmacist"(wiki) and the 'apothecary cabinet' comes from the design of the chests they used to use to store all the medicine (hence the tiny draws and many shelves). I'm not sure if its all those draws or the mood of the word 'apothecary' (yes it has a mood!) but I just love the style and want one NOW! It would be perfect in any room as a TV stand, jewellery box or office hide-all, I sure hope this type of thing becomes more popular or else I miraculously stumble on the perfect op-shop find. Keep your eyes out for me in Brisbane!

perty room! via Country Livingg

JC Penny via The Steampunk Home

Pottery Barn via Anne Sage

Pottery Barn via UnPlgged

SEI Media Cabinet via Home Innovation Ideas

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